Raw Material Processing and Recycling

The working group for raw material processing and recycling deals with the processing of primary and secondary raw materials in mechanical processes and the development of recycling strategies and structures.

The process development focuses on complex ores, mining and smelting residues as well as particularly valuable old products that contain metals of strategic economic importance. These include end-of-life vehicles, old electrical equipment and batteries. On the other hand, there is a focus on the processing of mineral residues for the production of recyclates for the production of building materials. The developments are carried out in the laboratory and technical center and extend to the support of the implementation in the industrial environment.

The development of recycling strategies and structures involves the networking of process chains and the optimization of interfaces between individual process elements, but also the design of networks between companies, scientific networks and education and training networks in the recycling sector.


Current research projects

  • Interdisciplinary college in the scholarship focus "Better management and living in cycles - transformation potential of the circular economy" of the DBU
  • Heroes
  • The completed projects of the last 5 years can be found here here


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