Student projects

On this page, student theses are advertised as required. If you have your own ideas for theses or dissertations, please feel free to contact us. For questions and further information please contact Mr Jacob Fenner.

For the preparation of your thesis it is helpful if you think about when and in which direction you want to do your thesis (e.g. basically practical/ theoretical/ literature research, one of the projectsat IFAD, or also process-related e.g. hydrometallurgy, mechanical preparation, modelling). It is also good for the development of a suitable topic if you give a rough description of your previous career (e.g. studies, semesters, open exams, internships) and attach a current overview of your achievements (can be obtained via the study portal).

Before starting a final thesis, students must check with the Examination Office whether all requirements for the preparation of a final thesis are fulfilled. If this is not the case, it is essential to inform Mr. Fenner and the supervisor.

For external theses, a supervisor from the institute is also required. For this purpose, Mr. Fenner must also be contacted before the start of the work so that a joint agreement on the objectives can be reached. Especially in the case of external theses, students should carefully consider whether other professors from the Environmental Process Engineering and Recycling programme could better supervise the intended topics.

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Status: 01.09.2022

permanent announcement of theses

  • Recycling of Lithium-Ion-Batteries
    (DE ; EN)