The Department of Raw Material Processing and Recycling has very well equipped workshops and laboratories as well as halls for pilot-scale test plants. A list of the equipment can be viewed here. With competent staff the chair offers services in the following areas:

Market and feasibility studies

  • Market analyses on waste streams and recycling processes
  • Feasibility studies for the feasibility of waste treatment processes
  • Feasibility studies for raw material processing

Process developments

  • Process for processing primary raw materials, especially complex ores
  • Treatment process for metal-containing and mineral waste streams
  • Treatment of industrial waste water from metal producing and processing companies
  • Processing of mining tailings, slag heaps and landfills
  • Mechanical activation in production processes


  • Inorganic-chemical analyses
  • X-ray structure investigations (diffractometry)
  • Particle size analysis (sieve analysis, laser diffraction)