Innovations Forum Recycling Region Harz

Project description:

The Harz Mountains have always been considered a raw material region. However, the extraction of metals through mining in the region has largely ceased. Today, the existing know-how in processing technology, metallurgy and materials science is used for the development of technologies for secondary raw material processing or for the production of high-tech materials. While the primary raw material extraction is mainly reserved for large companies, the "extraction", i.e. the collection and processing of secondary raw materials, is mostly performed by SMEs in the first stages. SMEs in the waste sector are also confronted with a wide range of challenges in this respect. These include, for example, access to new technologies, logistical hurdles, constantly changing input flows or the recruitment of new skilled workers.

In order to be able to operate sustainably in the long term while remaining competitive, companies must continually innovate. However, SMEs in particular often lack important resources such as personnel, equipment or even money to implement innovations. In addition, they are often already working to capacity with their daily business. With the environmentally friendly treatment of waste, the climate-friendly extraction of raw materials for new products and the employment intensity of the sector, waste management also has a high social relevance. This makes it all the more important to support SMEs from the waste management sector in their innovations.

The Harz Recycling Region Innovation Forum is intended to give SMEs the opportunity to formulate research needs and present them to research institutions. Likewise, companies should be able to exchange ideas and form new cooperations that promote innovative strength. This is made possible by the creation of new networks of companies, research institutions and local authorities in and around the Harz recycling region. These networks are to be formed within the framework of workshops and a 2-day event with information stands, lectures and exchange possibilities. Further overriding goals of the Innovation Forum Recycling Region Harz are the strengthening of the identification of different stakeholders with the region as well as the development of a lighthouse effect of the recycling region Harz into the surrounding area.

Subsidy reference number: 01MI2001