Project description:

The InnoRec project is carried out in close cooperation with the partners of the consortium (IFAD, IME, iPAT, MVTAT, MEET). The focus of the work is the development of a holistic approach for an efficient and robust recycling of future battery cell generations. The objectives of the projects include:

  • Further development of the recycling processes from mechanical cell dismantling, thermal and pyrometallurgical treatment, material separation and refinement of concentrates to qualities that can be returned to cell/battery production
  • Development/adaptation of the process route(s) for different input streams, taking into account ecological and economic effects and achieving the highest possible recycling rates, including consideration of process residues and by-products
  • Characterization and re-synthesis of battery secondary raw materials for reuse in battery production
  • Investigation of the recycling of solid state battery electrodes from the ProZell cluster

In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, the following work steps are necessary:

  • Definition of the cell systems to be considered and procurement of input materials
  • Pyrometallurgy and thermal processes
  • Mechanical processing
  • Flotation and hydrometallurgy as well as utilization of by-products and process residues
  • Analytics, material characterization and re-synthesis
  • Development of process approaches for the utilization of ProCell cells and consolidation of the subproject results and recommendations for design and production


Contact person: M. Sc. Hao Qiu
Research Assistant

Phone: +49 5323-72-2119

Subsidy reference number: 03XP0246A